Builders Jam

Since Levi's venture into the skateboarding world the mission has been to support projects and to provide passionate people with means to go create. Kingswood Creative and Victor Lieberath Studio connected Levi's with Builder's Jam, a week long event where crews from all around Europe meet to create a new skate spot out of nothing. Pure passion is the driving force behind this project and the result of a weeks work is one of the best DIY spots in Europe. Photographer Thomas Skou documented the process and Victor Lieberath Studio designed a newspaper with photos and interviews. The newspaper was used as POS in all shops carrying the Levi's Skateboarding Collection. Levi's continues to work with the crew behind Builder's Jam, so far expanding the concept to larger scale projects in India and Bolivia.

Photographer Thomas Skou Production Kingswood

Documentary by Simon Weyhe and Mathias Nyholm Schmidt with titles by Victor Lieberath Studio