Levi's Locals Only

To mark the launch of the Levi's Black Tab Collection, we introduced the “Locals Only” concept. Four cinematographic documentaries and a 240 page book featured modern-day pioneers, showcasing scenes and lifestyles through the eyes of skaters and DIY-minded individuals in the cities they love. The book and films capture a snapshot of different hubs and their associated crowds in Berlin, Marseille, Barcelona and Copenhagen. It zooms in on street culture movements and what they have become today, paying homage to the art of street style – which is the inspiration for the collection.

Photo Thomas Skou with additional photography by Alex Flach and Nicholas Bech. Production and Editor Kingswood Films Simon Weyhe

To present the book in the shops, we designed a black book stand in a shape inspired by the Levi's Batwing.

The titles for the Locals Only films were created in the same handwritten style as in the book and animated
using stop-motion.